November 9, 2011

Comfortable, Trendy, and Cute Outfit for School or Class

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Hey everyone!

I wanted to show you what I wore to class today!  Check out my video of this outfit on Youtube!

I chose a simple blue off-the-shoulder top because it is so soft and laid-back.  It isn't too dressed up since all you're doing is attending class.  Yet, it's still feminine and cute because it shows skin in a very classy way.  Just showing a little bit of your shoulders is attractive, but in an appropriate way for the school setting.  This top just says fun fashion when you are wearing it!  I paired this top with plain black yoga pants because they are super comfortable and make it easier to get settled in your seat when you have to sit in class for hours.  The black color and the tight fit of these pants make your legs look slimmer and balance off the slightly large top.  This is such a staple piece for any wardrobe!

Earrings:  PacSun
Scarf:  eBay
Necklace:  Gift
Shirt:  American Eagle
Tank Top:  Abercrombie & Fitch
Pants:  Old Navy
Flats:  Charlotte Russe

Of course, this outfit needs the perfect accessories to make it stand out.  The pink-flowered scarf that I paired with this outfit is the main accessory that really makes this outfit pop.  The color works well with the blue top since the white background of the scarf really makes the pink of the flowers add some brightness to this outfit.  I also layered a pink tank top under my top to add an unexpected pop of color that adds to and enhances the effect of the scarf.  I topped this all off with silver rhinestone flower earrings, a purple butterfly pendant, and a gold bracelet.  My black bow flats added to the overall femininity of the outfit and helped to counterbalance the dark-colored clothing.

I hope you enjoy this outfit!  I look forward to putting up more posts!


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