December 29, 2011

My First Julep Maven Box!

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Hey everyone!

I finally gave in and bought my first Julep Maven box!  My friends had told me about Julep nail polish before, and they would rave about how the nail polish was really good quality, had great color choices, and did not require too many coats to get a great opacity.  However, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to spend $14 on a bottle of nail polish since I normally buy drugstore nail polish for pretty cheap.  Then, I found out about the Julep Maven monthly membership program and I was intrigued.  It sounded like such a good deal!

Check out my video on Youtube!

So, basically Julep Maven is a subscription service where you get exclusive access to their limited edition nail colors before everyone else.  When you get your Julep Maven box, beauty editors of magazines such as Allure, Vogue, and so on are receiving similar products to review.  Each of the Sneak Peek boxes are only $19.99 for over $40 worth of products!  When you sign up, you first take a style quiz so they can find out what your personality and taste are like.  Then, based on your style quiz results, they match you with a box of goodies!  There are 4 different box categories:  American Beauty, Boho Glam, Bombshell, and Classic with a Twist.

This is my personal invitation link to Julep Maven:
From Left to Right:

Now, I realize that a membership service can sound a little scary because you may not be comfortable with putting aside $19.99 every month for Julep items.  So, the great thing about this company is that it is so easy to skip a month!  All you have to do is elect to skip that month in your account and you won't be charged for that month.  Or, if you would rather share your Julep Maven box with a friend one month, then you can even choose to have your box sent to your friend instead of you!

Finally, as a Julep Maven, you get to take 20% off all purchases and free shipping on all purchases!  Another really great aspect about buying Julep nail polishes is that $1 is donated to organizations that support women for each polish that is bought.

If you are new to Julep Maven like me, then I have some great codes for you!  You can use NEWYEAR2012 to get your first box for only $0.01!  You can also use the code NEW5 to get your first Intro box for just $5.

There's so many different polishes offered by Julep!  So go and check them out!

Here are some pictures of the box I got today!  I had chosen a Bombshell box even though my style quiz matched me to an American Beauty box.  I just thought that the nail polish colors in the Bombshell box were better for me because I thought they were really pretty and I don't already have similar polish colors.

I love the red box!

Such a cute little description card about the products in my box!

All of the products come in this cute snowflake bag :)

Julep "Facial For Hands" Glycolic Hand Scrub

From Left to Right:  Julep Catherine, Julep Gayle

From Left to Right:  Julep Hand Cream, Gold Star Glitter, Julep Age Defying Hand Brightener

Ok I'm off to try these products!  I'll let you know what I think about them soon, so stay tuned for an upcoming review :)

Disclaimer:  No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post.  I purchased this product with my own money.  The opinions above are my own and were not influenced in any way.  I just really wanted to share this with you so you can figure out if you want to try Julep Maven.  


December 26, 2011

ShopLately After Christmas Mystery Boxes

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Hey everyone!

I got an email about this great deal that ShopLately is running!  I posted a few weeks ago about how much I absolutely love the ShopLately necklace that I have, so I couldn't wait to share this deal with you!  I have been dying to get some more pieces from them :)  They have After Christmas Mystery Boxes, which are valued at $100, for only $9.99!  One of the best parts about this company is that the shipping is always $2.99, regardless of how much you order.

The boxes comprise a variety of Glint & Gleam products that range from $30 to $100 in retail value.  The pieces you might get include rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories, handbags, watches, gloves, scarves, hats, key chains, and legwear! The number of pieces you receive in your box varies depending on how much each item retails for, but the total retail value of your box will not be below $50 or above $200.

I would definitely take a chance with these mystery boxes and try out ShopLately if you still haven't.  I already ordered two boxes and I can't wait to get them!  Be sure to stay tuned for my haul and review of the pieces I get in my mystery boxes :)

This is my personal invitation link to ShopLately:


December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Hey everyone!

I'm finally done with exams and home for the holidays!  It's so nice to be home and away from school for a little bit.  For the last couple of days, I've been running around and decorating my house to get it all ready for Christmas.  Our tree is finally done, but we still need to get all of the presents under it!

I've been trying to do my first makeup tutorial but the weather has been quite gloomy and, as a result, the lighting has just been awful.  So, as soon as I can film it, I'll upload it!  Keep an eye out for it.  :)

I hope everyone has a very happy and fun holidays.  Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it!  I also hope you enjoy your time with friends and family.  I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true!


December 4, 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend, Husband, Brother, Father, etc.

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Hey everyone!

I was holiday gift shopping today and I thought I would give you my tips and ideas on gifts for any guy in your life.  Check out my video on Youtube!

For many guys, their top gift wishes involved technology.  They may want a Sharp 60" Aquos TV, MacBook Pro, an iPad 2, or something else along those lines.  If you can afford to get him that, then do that!  He will love the gift!  Every time he uses it, he will think of you.

I realize that it can be really hard to shop for guys.  If you don't know what to get him, if he seems to have just about everything, or if you can't afford anything too expensive, then these ideas are perfect for you!

1.  Watch
A watch is a timeless piece that every guy can use.  Yes, he may be able to tell time with his cell phone, but a watch can be used in times when his cell phone might not work.  For example, if he is in a meeting and it would be improper for him to pull out his cell to check the time, he can always look down at his watch.  Or, if he is someone who travels a lot, then he might not have his cell phone with him as he's traveling around the world.  His watch will work no matter where he is in the world; all he would have to do is reset the watch to the appropriate time zone he is in.  Also, a watch is a great piece because you can really customize to your guy's taste.  There are so many different materials, colors, and textures available to choose from, making it much easier for you to find the perfect one for him.  Here are some of my favorites:

2.  Cologne
Get him something so that he can smell good for you!  If you're not sure as to what scent to get him, you should discreetly take him shopping with you and tell him that you just want to smell all of the different ones available.  This is actually a really great and fun date idea for something different from an ordinary dinner-and-movie kind of date.  You will get to know a lot about what he likes or doesn't like, and you can show him more about you.  At the same time, you can give him a hint as to what perfume you might like for Christmas!  Here are some of my favorites: 

3.  Wallet
His wallet gets a lot of wear and tear throughout the year, so you could get him a new wallet!  Or, if he's the kind of guy who doesn't like big wallets, then you might want to consider a money clip.   Here's some suggestions:

4.  Tie
If you know what kind of dress shirts he has in his closet, then you can get him a tie!  Pick one based on his favorite color or a print he particularly likes.  You could also take the guess work out for him in the mornings and get him a tie that you think would look really great with one of his shirts.  Here's one of my favorites:

5.  Pay Attention!
When you are out shopping with him, pay attention to what he seems to really like.  If he didn't get it for himself, then you can get it for him and surprise him with something he really wants.  Or, if you notice him saying that he needs some new pants or some new shirts, then you can keep that you mind when you go shopping.  Pick out what he needs and he'll thank you for it because you took the time to listen to him!  Also, if you happen to know that he needs a nice outfit for an event and he doesn't already have one, then you can buy one for him.  Be sure that you find out what his sizes are before you go shopping.  You can take a peak in his closet and drawers when he's not looking and make a mental note so you are prepared!

I love this outfit from Express:  

Of course, you can always choose not to buy him something.  Handmade gifts are some of the best gifts!

6.  Scrapbook
If you're anything like me, then you have saved all of the bits of scraps from the different events you went to with him.  You can pull those momentos out, pick some awesome pictures, and throw it all together in a great scrapbook!  He'll love flipping through those pages and remembering the fun he had with you.

7.  Card
Instead of going to the store and picking out a card written by someone else, go ahead and make him one yourself.  I'm sure he won't care about whether you artwork is the best or not.  He will love reading what you have to tell him, whether it's all the little things you love about him or the great times you plan on having with him in the upcoming year!

8.  CD
If you and your guy have some favorite songs that you listen to together, then make a mix for him and put it on a CD.  Now, he will always have your favorite songs, and you guys can jam out to them together!  Make sure to have fun decorating the CD case with things that mean something to you both.

I hope you enjoy my tips and ideas for this holiday gifting season!  Let me know if you have any questions or requests for more gift ideas.  


Gold and Sparkly Outfit for Holiday Parties

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Hey everyone!

I was picking out an outfit for an upcoming holiday party, and I figured that I would show you what I came up with!  For holiday parties, it's so much fun to go all out and dress in a way that you normally wouldn't.  You can  find all of your sparkly, pretty accessories and incorporate them into a really fabulous outfit this year!  I love the theme that I decided on: Gold and Sparkly!  What more can you ask for?  :)  Check out my video of this outfit on Youtube!

Headband:  eBay
Glint & Gleam Necklace:  DealPulp
(My personal invitation link to DealPulp:
**DealPulp has now moved all of their fashion items to ShopLately.  This is my personal invitation link to ShopLately:
Bangles:  PacSun
Beaded Bracelet:  eBay
Charm Bracelet:  Charlotte Russse
Dress:  Charlotte Russe
Nina Heels:  Dillard's

I chose a simple gold tube dress because I really wanted my accessories to be the main feature of this outfit.  This dress is simply gorgeous, and it is also a really nice shade of gold.  It's not too gold in a way that might be overpowering, and it has hints of champagne undertones.  The ruched detailing and pleating really help accentuate the figure.  I have to admit that part of the reason I bought this dress was because of its pockets!  I love the idea of being able to just put a few basic necessities in my pockets and go to the party.  I don't like having to worry about maybe losing or misplacing my clutch when I go out for events.

These strappy platinum heels are my favorite!  I love how the color is really works with this outfit because I have so many crystal accents in this outfit.  The color is not too silver that it would stand out since I'm not wearing silver anywhere else in my outfit.  It has nice gold undertones that really match it to my dress.

I pulled out all of the stops in my accessories!  I chose a black headband with crystal detailing because the black of the band blends in really nicely with my hair, making the crystal pop out in this outfit.  I skipped earrings because my hair covers my ears and I also didn't want to clash with the main statement piece:  my necklace!  I love the gold, faux pearl, and crystal rhinestone necklace that I recently got.  I just had to buy it and couldn't wait to incorporate it into this outfit.  It's really a great statement piece that draws attention in a way that makes this outfit much more elegant and polished.  I gave my wrists some bling by wearing my gold and crystal bangles, a gold and green beaded bracelet, and a gold and crystal charm bracelet.  Last but not least, I picked out a statement ring for this outfit.  I normally don't wear large rings, but I thought the ring would be perfect for this outfit since it's gold with green rhinestones; the green ties in Christmas to this outfit!

I hope you enjoy this outfit!  Let me know if you have any questions or have any requests for more outfits.


Diamond Candles Campaign for Bloggers to Review & Giveaway Unique Candles!

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Hey everyone,

Diamond candles has invited bloggers to participate in a Review and Giveaway of their candles!  Each candle contains a ring that ranges in value from $10 to $5000.  This sounds like such an exciting and novel product.  I would love to be able to try out this product and to share it with you!

If you are a blogger and you want to join in on this campaign, be sure to check out Celebrate Woman Today's post for more details.  This event is free to US bloggers only.


December 2, 2011

Classy and Polished Outfit for Professional or Business Casual Events

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Hey everyone!

I wanted to show you what I wore for a professional event today!  I know that it can be difficult to figure out what to wear for professional or business casual events; you want be dressed appropriately for the event and in a way that fits your age.  Check out my video of this outfit on Youtube!

Pearl Studs, Necklace, and Bracelet:  Gift
Gold and Crystal Bangles:  PacSun
Gold Filigree and Faux Pearl Bracelet:  eBay
Shirt:  Express
Skirt:  Charlotte Russe
Heels:  Calvin Klein/Dillard's
Cardigan:  Old Navy

I chose the red v-neck top because it has a really pretty and vibrant color to dress up this outfit.  After all, dressing up like this doesn't have to be completely boring!  It's definitely important to spice it up and bring out your personality while still looking professional.  I love how the v-neck on this shirt stops at an appropriate length and doesn't expose too much cleavage.  The ruched detailing at the neckline also adds an extra flair and makes the shirt much more feminine.  

I chose the black pencil skirt because it came with a simple belt that really emphasizes the waist and breaks up the torso from the legs.  Pencil skirts, a classic choice for professional dress, are excellent for defining your figure and playing up your curves.  It's also a great choice for this outfit because it hits at the knees and shows a respectable amount of leg.  

I love the black pointy-toed Calvin Klein heels in this outfit!  They are so classy and work great for elongating the legs even though they aren't nude pumps.  

Going along with the classy  look of the clothing in this outfit, I chose to accessorize with my pearls.  I love how they just pull together the whole look and make me feel glamorous!  I had to wear my bangles to add some sparkle.  I like how the crystals in the bangle really shine and contrast the simplicity of the pearl bracelet.  I'm really loving the bangle, pearl bracelet, bangle combo!  I'm also wearing my filigree bracelet on the other arm because it's so little and dainty that it would just be covered entirely if I wore it on my arm with the bangles and pearl bracelet.  If I don't want to clink and make noises throughout the day via the bangles, I would totally just wear the filigree bracelet.    

Top it all off with a simple white cardigan and you're ready to go!  I love how this cardigan has a cropped length so that it can pair very nicely with the pencil skirt.

I hope you enjoy this outfit!  Let me know if you have any questions or have requests for more outfits like this one.


November 19, 2011

Valentine's Day Giveaway In Planning

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Hey everyone!

I'm going to participate in the All For Love Valentine's Event hosted by Real Mom Reviews and Mama Chocolate.  Check out their post here.

I am super excited about doing this giveaway because I have some great products to help you look perfect for Valentine's Day!  I'll have a mix of makeup and jewelry to give away, so make sure to come back in February to test your luck.  I hope you will win an awesome prize and enjoy this blog hop event :)

If you interested in joining this event with your blog, be sure to check out their post for all of the details.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I'll get back to you!


November 18, 2011

Sheyna Jewelry Review

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Hey everyone!

I was recently contacted by this new, up-and-coming jewelry company that was recently featured on Oprah to take a look at their products, and I have to say that I love the concept of their products.  Sheyna Jewelry has two options:  1) shop their jewelry collection or 2) design your own jewelry.  They have so many choices of pre-designed jewelry at a great range of prices, making the jewelry pieces very affordable and versatile for any occasion.  Some of their most popular items include:

*Rondelle Earrings:

*Leaf Earrings:

*Fall Silver Earrings:

I tried out the innovative drag-and-drop digital sketchpad in an attempt to design my own jewelry, and I was amazed by how simple and straightforward it was to use!  This is definitely a very accessible feature of their site to anyone, regardless of how technologically savvy you may be.  There are endless possibilities!  The great thing about this feature is that you can get details about each piece that you want to include in your creation, and the site keeps track of the cost.  It's also super easy to remove items if you decide you don't want it any more and to move your parts around as needed.  Don't worry about having to finish your masterpiece in one session - you can save it and come back at any time!  This is what I came up with while I was checking out their site:

Guys:  This is a perfect opportunity for you to get some great jewelry for your significant other!  If you aren't sure about designing your own piece, you can definitely select a beautiful piece from their collection and she will absolutely love it.  Just make sure you have an idea about her taste in jewelry so that you can pick the best piece for her.  If you are more adventurous, then I highly recommend that you try creating your own jewelry.  You never know, it might be great and she will probably love it.  You will not only have given her a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear forever but also shared a part of yourself with her that she will truly appreciate.  She will love knowing that you took the time to create something perfect just for her because you know her and feel passionately about her.

Ladies:  This is an amazing opportunity!  This is a great company if you want to indulge in some luxurious jewelry for yourself.  All of your friends will definitely be dying to find out where you go that jewelry from!  Also, if you have ever wanted to make your own jewelry, but didn't feel like you were crafty enough to pull that off successfully, then this is a perfect chance to make your dream jewelry pieces!  I have been wanting to make some jewelry for myself, but I have never thought that the jewelry would turn out well since I am a complete amateur in jewelry craftsmanship.  Now, I can leave the hands-on part to the professionals and just let them know about the pieces that I have been dying to make for myself!

Even better, they gave me this great promo code for you to use!

10% Promotion Code:  sheyna10

So, get on their site and start exploring.  It's so much fun to see what they have and to come up with your own jewelry creations!  Let your imagination loose!  If you design your own jewelry, I would love to see what you come up with so feel free to contact me and let me know about it :)  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!  You can also contact their customer service for further help; I had a great experience with them.


November 11, 2011

Get Ready For Some Giveaway Fun!

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I'm going to participate in the Toast to 2012 Giveaway Hop hosted by Just Married With Coupons and Sweep Tight!  Check out their post here.

This is so exciting!  I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog, and I would love to return my appreciation with a giveaway.  I will be giving away an assortment of makeup products from various brands!  This is such a great opportunity to find about other great blogs and to make some friends.  I hope that you will enjoy this blog hop fun and win an awesome prize!

If you are interested in adding your blog to this event, just check out their website for the specific details :)


November 9, 2011

Comfortable, Trendy, and Cute Outfit for School or Class

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Hey everyone!

I wanted to show you what I wore to class today!  Check out my video of this outfit on Youtube!

I chose a simple blue off-the-shoulder top because it is so soft and laid-back.  It isn't too dressed up since all you're doing is attending class.  Yet, it's still feminine and cute because it shows skin in a very classy way.  Just showing a little bit of your shoulders is attractive, but in an appropriate way for the school setting.  This top just says fun fashion when you are wearing it!  I paired this top with plain black yoga pants because they are super comfortable and make it easier to get settled in your seat when you have to sit in class for hours.  The black color and the tight fit of these pants make your legs look slimmer and balance off the slightly large top.  This is such a staple piece for any wardrobe!

Earrings:  PacSun
Scarf:  eBay
Necklace:  Gift
Shirt:  American Eagle
Tank Top:  Abercrombie & Fitch
Pants:  Old Navy
Flats:  Charlotte Russe

Of course, this outfit needs the perfect accessories to make it stand out.  The pink-flowered scarf that I paired with this outfit is the main accessory that really makes this outfit pop.  The color works well with the blue top since the white background of the scarf really makes the pink of the flowers add some brightness to this outfit.  I also layered a pink tank top under my top to add an unexpected pop of color that adds to and enhances the effect of the scarf.  I topped this all off with silver rhinestone flower earrings, a purple butterfly pendant, and a gold bracelet.  My black bow flats added to the overall femininity of the outfit and helped to counterbalance the dark-colored clothing.

I hope you enjoy this outfit!  I look forward to putting up more posts!

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