December 4, 2011

Gold and Sparkly Outfit for Holiday Parties

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Hey everyone!

I was picking out an outfit for an upcoming holiday party, and I figured that I would show you what I came up with!  For holiday parties, it's so much fun to go all out and dress in a way that you normally wouldn't.  You can  find all of your sparkly, pretty accessories and incorporate them into a really fabulous outfit this year!  I love the theme that I decided on: Gold and Sparkly!  What more can you ask for?  :)  Check out my video of this outfit on Youtube!

Headband:  eBay
Glint & Gleam Necklace:  DealPulp
(My personal invitation link to DealPulp:
**DealPulp has now moved all of their fashion items to ShopLately.  This is my personal invitation link to ShopLately:
Bangles:  PacSun
Beaded Bracelet:  eBay
Charm Bracelet:  Charlotte Russse
Dress:  Charlotte Russe
Nina Heels:  Dillard's

I chose a simple gold tube dress because I really wanted my accessories to be the main feature of this outfit.  This dress is simply gorgeous, and it is also a really nice shade of gold.  It's not too gold in a way that might be overpowering, and it has hints of champagne undertones.  The ruched detailing and pleating really help accentuate the figure.  I have to admit that part of the reason I bought this dress was because of its pockets!  I love the idea of being able to just put a few basic necessities in my pockets and go to the party.  I don't like having to worry about maybe losing or misplacing my clutch when I go out for events.

These strappy platinum heels are my favorite!  I love how the color is really works with this outfit because I have so many crystal accents in this outfit.  The color is not too silver that it would stand out since I'm not wearing silver anywhere else in my outfit.  It has nice gold undertones that really match it to my dress.

I pulled out all of the stops in my accessories!  I chose a black headband with crystal detailing because the black of the band blends in really nicely with my hair, making the crystal pop out in this outfit.  I skipped earrings because my hair covers my ears and I also didn't want to clash with the main statement piece:  my necklace!  I love the gold, faux pearl, and crystal rhinestone necklace that I recently got.  I just had to buy it and couldn't wait to incorporate it into this outfit.  It's really a great statement piece that draws attention in a way that makes this outfit much more elegant and polished.  I gave my wrists some bling by wearing my gold and crystal bangles, a gold and green beaded bracelet, and a gold and crystal charm bracelet.  Last but not least, I picked out a statement ring for this outfit.  I normally don't wear large rings, but I thought the ring would be perfect for this outfit since it's gold with green rhinestones; the green ties in Christmas to this outfit!

I hope you enjoy this outfit!  Let me know if you have any questions or have any requests for more outfits.



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