August 19, 2012

My Friend's Dog

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Hey everyone!

In the past, whenever I visited my best friend Samantha, her dog Pepper would greet me with kisses and excitement.  Pepper would be jumping up and down, wagging his tail, and begging to be petted.  Over the last few years, I have noticed that Pepper doesn’t come rushing to the door and jumping on me when I walk into Samantha’s house.  Samantha and I have both noticed that Pepper appears to be in increasingly more pain with each step he takes.  Worried about Pepper, Samantha took him to their veterinarian, and it turns out that Pepper has arthritis.  

The vet told Samantha that there are a few options for treating arthritis in dogs.  Overwhelmed by the variety in pet medicine and supplies, Samantha couldn’t decide on a treatment to help Pepper.  She asked me to help her look into the different options, and so we have been doing a lot of research on arthritis and joint treatments.  We’ve come across cosequins, which are supposed to be nutritional supplements to increase joint health.  It sounds like the cosequins would work to increase joint lubrication and that might decrease his joint stiffness.  Perhaps the cosequins would also provide some cushioning for Pepper’s joints, so they don’t have to absorb as much shock when he moves around.  So, Pepper might be able to walk without experiencing so much pain!  We think that this treatment might be promising in combination with a few other products to get Pepper back on his feet.  

I know that this post is different from what I usually post about, but I’d love to get some advice from my lovely readers on arthritis treatment for dogs.  So, if you have any tips or suggestions, or if you know of any treatments that have worked, please let me know.  Also, if you have tried using cosequins for your dog, please let me know!  I’m really interested in finding out more about these products for Pepper. 


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Unknown said...

My dog has also been slowing down and I don't think she is going to be around too much longer. She will be 13 in December. I have heard bad things about all the arthritis medicine. My friends dog also has really bad arthritis but instead of pills they take her to water therapy. She is running around like her old normal self. It can be a little costly but hey nothing is too good for one your kids. Right? Hope your friends dog gets better.

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