September 10, 2012

School's Back in Full Swing!

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Hey everyone!

I still can’t believe that my classes started 3 weeks ago, and that I took my first test of the year last Friday!  Every fall, I feel so busy because I want to enjoy what’s left of summer as well as get ready for school.  I’ve been trying to fit in as many fun, outdoor activities as I can into my daily schedule because it’s still so warm and beautiful outside.  I have also been shopping for new clothes and stocking up on school supplies for the whole year.  I try to buy everything that I might need for my classes during this time of the year because so many stores are having huge discounts and sales right now.

However, I usually find that I underestimate how many printer ink and toner cartridges I use and I tend to run out of them around February.  For my classes, most of my professors use PowerPoint.  I like printing out the powerpoints to take notes on them, so I must use up a ton of ink and toner!  I am always searching for stores or sites that offer printer cartridges at affordable prices all year round.  I love being able to find products that I need at a great deal whenever I need them.

I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and details about my life with you, and I love it when you interact with me.  Let me know if you enjoy these types of posts, because I think I’ll be doing more of them.


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elle said...

Hi !
I enjoyed your blog...I am a stylist so this is all up my alley. I am also a blogger and though it is not about fashion it is about feeling good as well as looking good. Doing life better with gratitude...check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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