January 6, 2012

eos Lip Balm Deal and Review

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Hey everyone!

I just ran out of my Chapstick, so I went to Walgreens to pick up a new lip balm.  When I was looking around, I saw a really great deal on eos lip balms!  This week, after factoring in the $2 Register Rewards, you can get them for $0.99 at Walgreens.

I had heard about these lip balms from YouTube gurus, bloggers, and friends, but I couldn't find them anywhere near my house!  So, I was extremely excited to find the eos balms when I got back to school from break.  I have been dying to try them out because I have heard that they are very moisturizing, and most importantly, they look so cute!

I picked up the balm in Sweet Mint, rushed home, and tore open the package to use it right away!  I like the minty smell and how the balm makes my lips tingle when I put it on.  I also like how it makes my lips feel smoother and more moisturized right away because it contains shea butter and jojoba oil.  These eos lip balms are 95% organic and 100% natural, so I'm happy to know that I'm not putting any weird chemicals on my lips.

On the downside, I feel like I have to reapply this balm very frequently.  Also, these balms are quite large in size and don't fit in the little clutch I normally use every day.  So, I guess I still need to pick up a smaller lip balm, and I can bring my eos one around with me when I use a larger purse.

Even though I feel like these balms are kind of inconvenient to carry around, I still love the packaging!  They are so colorful and have a really unique shape.  I'm off to go buy more of these eos lip balms!  I want to get some of the other flavors, and I feel like I need backups, just in case I can't find these again.

With my soon-to-be collection of eos lip balms, I won't even need to buy any Easter decorations!  :)

I hope you enjoyed this little review.  Let me know if you have any questions about this product or requests to review any other products!



brit said...

I've always wanted to try those, I guess I'll have to make a trip to Walgreens! Following you back! =)

Linda said...

Good luck on finding them! I would definitely try to get one :) Thanks for following back as well

Nik said...

Sold! Will be my next purchase! Great review! Thx!



Linda said...

Thanks Nik! I'm so glad you like this review :)

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