January 7, 2012

Review of the Floral Acai Body Butter Duo from The Body Shop

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Hey everyone!

Since the outside weather is getting cooler and the heat is turned on super high in my apartment, I have been looking for a really good moisturizer.  The cold weather and hot indoor temperatures have been really wreaking havoc with my skin; it feels so dry and itchy!  

I went to The Body Shop to pick up something for my skin because I had seen their body butters through the window.  They look really interesting and I totally wanted to try them out!  All of their products smell so good and I really liked the consistency of their body butters when one of the sales associates helped me sample it.  I finally decided on the Flora Acai Body Butter Duo and went home to try it out.

I really like how this body butter duo has two different types of moisturizers:  one for normal skin and one designed specifically for drier skin.  I think that is a really great idea because I can pick the moisturizer that is best for my skin type when I choose to use it.  The option for normal skin is much creamier whereas the one for dry skin is much thicker and less wet.  Another reason I chose this body butter is because it smells amazing; it's not too sweet and floral scented.  I also really enjoy how easy it is to smooth this lotion into your skin, and it doesn't leave a sticky residue on your skin.

Unfortunately, I haven't found that this body butter really works for my skin.  I apply both types of the moisturizer after I shower, but I don't feel like my skin has been moisturized or that it is softer.  I am still left feeling dry and itchy right after application.

So, I'm still looking for a good moisturizer.  Comment down below if you have any suggestions!  :)

I hope you enjoyed this review.  Let me know if you have any questions about this product or requests to review any other products.


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