January 7, 2012

My ShopLately Mystery Boxes!

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Hey everyone!

I finally got my ShopLately After Christmas Mystery Boxes! I have been waiting for them and dying to find out what I got!  Check out my video on Youtube!

This is what came in one mystery box.

This scarf is really very versatile because you can wear it in a way that only certain colors show. The way it transitions from hot pink to purple and then teal is really pretty. So, it can be worn in many outfits with different colors! The floral print is quite nice and would work really well for spring. It's also 100% acrylic. I'm not sure why, but this scarf smells awful. I hope that the smell can be washed out! Otherwise, I won't be able to wear it :(

This bangle set is really pretty and feminine! I really like the one with white enamel because I have been looking for one like it. The 2 bangles with the mesh and metal beading are very intricate and unique. The last one is very delicate and I think it's one I would wear fairly often.

I think these yellow earrings with the colorful print are very pretty. They would stand out and look really good against dark hair like mine. I'm not sure if it's designed to look this way, but the patten looks faded at the top and bottom parts of these earrings.

This silver bangle with different shades of purple is also very pretty and sparkly. I think it would look really great with a little black dress and really add some color and fun to the outfit. It's great that the parts are held together by elastic, making this a piece that everyone can wear.

This is what came in the other mystery box.

This scarf has a great tie-dyed and alternating color scheme. It is mainly black and gray with nice changes in texture. It's 100% polyester and doesn't smell like the other scarf. I think this scarf would pair greatly with a plain white shirt for an edgy outfit. I would just throw on a wrap leather bracelet and leather booties to finish off the look.

These are gorgeous rose gold earrings made out of a thin metal and very detailed etchings. The pattern reminds me of a beautiful sunrise. I love that they are light, so they don't pull on my earlobes and don't hurt to wear.

I think this gold and black beaded bracelet would look great for a professional or business casual outfit. You could wear a plain top and really dress up the look with his bracelet because it is sparkly and glamorous. I kind of wish that the extender chain was a bit longer because it's so short that the bracelet is kind of hard to hook on.

I really love how this bangle looks! I like the paisley print and how the black and white pattern is contrasted by the gold trim. Unfortunately, it's too big for my wrist because my frame is pretty small; it looks like it's eating my arm when I wear it. If it was only an inch wide, then it would have been perfect!

I got some really great pieces in this promotion at a great price! I'll definitely be buying the mystery boxes if they offer them again :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got on my ShopLately mystery boxes. Let me know if you have any questions or requests in the comments below!


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